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The First Ever Virtual Tour Builder With Built-In Live Chat!

Want To Learn How To Create Your Own Virtual Tour?

Click the button below and get access to our free video tutorial where you can find information about every tool and feature you can use when creating your own 360º VR Tour

Allow your potential customers to tour your properties no matter where they’re located, from the comfort of their laptop or cell phone!

Create Captivating Real Estate Virtual Tours In Less Than 15 Minutes

Easily create the most immersive 3D Real Estate experience that exists, short of actually touring the property in person

Your clients can view multiple properties in minutes, even if each property is miles apart.

Publish and view scenes without any downloads, installs or plugins.

Send your potential buyers a link and let them walk through the property from wherever they are. Offer the same sense of space, textures and detail as you would in real life.

Sell your properties faster and at the highest price!

Magical VR 360º Provides Seamless 1-Click Autoresponder Integration

In Just 1 Click You Can…

With “Magical VR 360º” You Can…

  • Easily create captivating 360º Virtual Reality Tours to show your projects to buyers or tenants.
  • Enhance your tour presentations with a wide variety of interactive HotSpots: such as text, images, videos, voice over, music and call-to-actions.
  • Instantly Engage Viewers and increase competition for your properties.
  • Login From Anywhere… Create, Edit, Use.
  • Add team members to easily share and manage your projects
  • No Monthly Fee And No Pay Per Design Or Render.
  • Can Be Used By Any Kind Of Real Estate Business With Awesome Results

See what our customers are saying about

Alexis Mulder

Sanreal Sales

I am so glad I purchased Magical VR 360º. Now I can show my properties to my clients and video chat with them while they virtually walk through from room to room.

Tina Conelly

BNH Boston

This app has been a real game changer for me. When I got access to Magical VR 360º I was surprised how easy it is to create such professional high quality Real Estate video tours

Leo Alvarado

Airbnb Michigan

What I like the most of this app is that my prospective tenants can visit my houses and apartments from the comfort of their laptop or cell phone. It's amazing how this software helped me!

A Quick Recap Of Everything You Are Getting Today

World's Smartest "Virtual Tour Creation" Software

LIVE VIdeo Chat Just Like Zoom INSIDE Your Tours

Team Members Functionality & Management

Lead Generation Built In (Any Autoresponder)

Embed HotSpot Videos Inside Of Your 360º Tour

Analytics Built In

Upload Floor-Plans

Export Feature (Download tours to your computer)

Background Music

Switch Between Scenes Inside Your Virtual Tours

Add Quizzes And Polls To Your Virtual Tours

Add Call To Actions To Your Virtual Tours


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there a money-back guarantee?

    Absolutely! You get a full 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied contact us for a hassle-free refund.

    What is Magical VR 360º?

    It is a 360º virtual tour creator that will help you sell your properties faster and increase your profit.

    How can I create 360º virtual tours?

    Look at this video tutorial to learn how to quickly and easily create your own 360º virtual tour.

    Does it work on both Apple / Android?

    Yes, since it is stored in the cloud, you can enter it with any device.

    Can I upload my own images, videos and audio into Magical VR 360º?

    Absolutely! You can upload your own images, music and voiceover and insert them as hotspots inside your Virtual 360º Tours. Even better, you have access to an online media library where you can find videos and images for you to include inside your projects.

    Do I need any technical skills or experience to use this app?

    Not at all! You can easily find everything you need on the dashboard. You don’t have to be tech savvy to create your own tours!

    If I have additional questions or any issues, how can I get a hold of your support team?

    There are several ways you can contact us. Fill out the contact form above, send us an email at or call us at 727-302-1344.